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Staff List 2017/18

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Senior Leadership Team

Mrs S Taylor  |  Headteacher  /  Safeguarding Deputy Designate
Mrs P Brown  |  Deputy Headteacher
Mr D Robinson  |   Assistant Headteacher 
Miss A Chevin  |   Assistant Headteacher / Designated Lead for Safeguarding 
Mr T Kinnersley  |  Assistant Headteacher 
Mr J Pledger  |  Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S Tattersall|   Business Director
Mrs L Townsend  |  Leader of Data and Curriculum 

Head of Year 

Mrs A Roberts |  Year 7
Mr D LIttleford |  Year 8
Mrs B Phillips | Year 9
Mr P Yeomans |  Year 10
Dr D Whitehead |  Year 11

Mrs K Griffin  |  Director of Studies Post 16
Miss K Martin  |  Teaching and Learning Practitioner


Faculty Director of Studies | Maths - Mr D Robinson      Deputy  Director of Studies | Maths - Miss C Lyth
Faculty Director of Studies | English & Drama - Mrs R Lucas            
Deputy Director of Studies | English & Drama - Miss K Saunders
Faculty Director of Studies | Science - Mr K Downie 
Deputy Director of Studies | Science - Ms L Gilchrist
Faculty Director of Studies | Humanaties, MFL & Music - Mrs N Warrender              
 Deputy Director of Studies | Humanities, MFL & Music  - Mr N Bentley 
Faculty Director of Studies | Sport, Social Sciences, Technology & Art  - Miss A Willis      
Deputy Director of Studies | Sport, Social Sciences, Technology & Art - Miss N Chambers
Deputy Director of Studies | Sport, Social Sciences, Technology & Art - Mr A Barber
Faculty Director of Studies | SEND and Inclusions - Mrs J Jones                            
Deputy Director of Studies | SEND - Mrs A Stevenson

Teaching Staff
Mr A Barber  | PE
Mr N Bentley  | Music & Humanities
Mrs P Blessington  | English
Mrs P Brown |  English
Miss E Brundrett | Music
Miss N Chambers |  Business Studies
Miss A Chevin  | English
Mrs S Clarke  | Art
Miss A Davies  |  Maths
Mr K Downie  | Science
Miss E Dudgeon  |  Maths
Miss P Erskine | Maths
Ms L Gilchrist  |  Science
Mr C Gilmour  | Geography
Mr J Granger |  PE
Mrs K Griffin |  Humanities
Mrs N Griffiths  | Humanities
Miss J Hannah  |  PE
Miss E Hardy  |  Science
Mr S Harrison  | Languages
Mr A Hartley |  Science
Mr D Hughes-Beddows |  Humanities
Mr D Jones  |  Design & Technology
Mrs J Jones  | SEN / Designated LAC teacher
Mrs JK Jones |  Geography
Mr T Kinnersley |  Business Studies
Mrs H Lester |  English
Mr D Littleford |  PE
Mrs R Lucas |  English
Miss C Lyth  | Maths
Mr D Marsh |  Science
Miss K Martin |  MFL
Ms J Medway  |  Maths
Miss E O'Brien |  History
Mrs L Parsons | Maths
Mrs B Phillips |  English
Mr J Pledger  |  English
Mr C Pollard  | MFL
Mr D Pollard  |  Business Studies / ICT
Mrs C Radford-Smith | ICT
Mr A Richards |  Science
Mrs A Roberts |  Health & Social Care
Mr D Robinson  |  Maths
Mrs E Sargent  | Food Technology
Miss K Saunders  | English
Mrs C Tait  |  English
Mrs S Taylor |  Business Studies
Mrs H Upton |  Art
Mrs A Valentine-Jones |  SEN
Mrs N Warrender  | Humanities
Dr D Whitehead |  Maths
Mrs A Willis  |  Design & Technology
Mrs S Wright  | Drama
Mr P Yeomans |  Maths

Miss B Ashley | Administration Assistant 
Mr J Astley  |  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Barratt  |  Catering Assistant
Mrs T Barratt  |  Cleaning Assistant
Mrs G Beath |  Senior Office Co-ordinator / Headteacher's PA
Mrs C Beddis  |  Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Z Bentley  |  Laboratory Assistant
Mrs S Bloor  |  Laboratory Technician
Mr J Bowen  |  Curriculum Resource Assistant
Mrs K Brassington  |  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs R Charles  |  Data and examinations assistant
Mrs D Burton | Site Manager
Mrs K Cartwright  |  Cleaning Assistant
Mrs L Chapman  |  Learning Support Assistant
Miss B Chesworth | Finance Assistant
Mrs R Chidlow  |  Catering Assistant
Mr J Clorley  |  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs R Cooper  |  Lunchtime Supervisor / Cleaning Assistant
Mrs J Dart | Administration Assistant
Miss A Davies  |  Catering Assistant
Miss K Ellams  |  Cleaning Assistant
Mrs C Farnell  |  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Fulcher  |  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Furey  |  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs R Giles | Finance Officer
Mrs C Hall |  Cover Supervisor
Miss L Harris  | Inclusion Officer and E-safety officer / Safeguarding Deputy Designate
Mrs K Harrison-Blount  |  LAC Officer and disadvantaged co-ordinator
Mrs L Higgins  |  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Highfield  |  Cover Supervisor
Mrs P Howlett  |  Catering Assistant
Mrs A Hubbard  |  Catering Assistant
Mr A Fryer | IT Technician
Mrs T Hughes | Assistant Site Supervisor
Mrs J Hurley | Year 7 Pastoral Support Assistant
Mr C Jones | Year 10/11 Pastoral Support Assistant
Mrs K Jones | CIEAG Coordinator
Mrs N Jones  |  Cleaning Assistant
Mrs A Kemlo | Catering Manager
Mrs M Kent  |  Curriculum Resource Assistant
Miss R Lee |  Inclusion Officer / Safeguarding Deputy Designate
Mrs J Lovatt  |  Cleaning Assistant
Mrs K Lovatt  |  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Lovell  |  Attendance Officer
Mrs A Marley  |  Learning Support Assistant
Miss L Marsh  |  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Morgan  |  Cleaning Assistant
Mrs D Nunnerley  |  Data and Examination Manager
Mrs C Nurse  |  Learning Mentor- Post 16
Mrs C Orwell  |  Cleaning Assistant
Mrs J Payne  |  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs H Purcell  |  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs E Rawsthorne  |  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Robinson  |  Cleaning Assistant
Miss E Snape  |  Catering Assistant
Mrs A Stevenson  |  Assistant SENco
Ms D Stonehouse  |  Learning Support Assistant
Mr C Stretch | Site Technician
Mrs A Talbot  |  Catering Assistant
Mrs B Tomkinson  |  Cleaning Assistant
Mrs D Tomkinson  |  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Tattersall  |  Business Director (SLT)
Mrs L Townsend  |  Leader of Data and Curriculum (SLT)
Mrs H Watkins| Year 8/9 Pastoral Support Assistant
Miss S Whitehouse  |  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs P Whittingham  |  Cleaning Assistant
   Miss E Williams | Cover Supervisor 
Mrs K Williams  |  Senior Mentor for Aspiration, Access and Achievement
Mrs T Woolford  |  Catering Assistant 
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