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Rewards | High Expectations
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We are proud to celebrate a wide range of achievements which are recognised by teachers, tutors and Director of Studies. Our rewards’ system incorporates four main areas:

· attitude to learning scores;
· attendance;
· positive contribution in tutor time;
· academic progress

Students who are consistently demonstrating a positive contribution in some or all of these areas will be rewarded through a numbers of different ways which include positive postcards, letters and end of term events such as Winter Wonderland.  

Our progress and presentation evenings also provide us with the opportunity to celebrate with parents and acknowledge publically the hard work and effort of our students. 

We acknowledge students who have made the most progress each term by termly Progress Awards. This leads to an annual Presentation Evening where Awards for  Excellence are given to students for their academic progress, exceptional effort or achievement, or 100% attendance. 

High Expectations

At The Grove, we expect a high standard of behaviour and a positive attitude to learning.  If a student does not meet these high students they should expect their actions to have consequences.  There are school    systems to support issues with behaviour or attitude to work, and problems with attendance and           punctuality.  Students are monitored lesson by lesson to promote positive attitudes so that support can be offered that is helpful and timely.

Restorative Practice

To support our high expectations of behaviour we are excited this year to have adopted a restorative practice approach with our students.  This ensures that they focus on developing their confidence in  handling challenging situations.