Summary of the school’s policies

The Grove School and Sixth Form College joined the Marches Academy Trust on 1st December 2018, and all policies are in the process of being revised,
in line with Trust policies.  These are being reviewed on a policy by policy basis, and in the meantime, all existing Grove School policies apply.  If you have
any questions in relation to this, please contact the Clerk to the Trust's Board, Victoria Jones.
For further information or to view the full policies, please contact the school or access the policies via the links. 

Admissions Policy | Grove School
Our Admission policy is in line with the Trust procedures.    

Anyone wishing to object to the determined arrangements can do so via the Office of the
Schools Adjudicator before 15 May 2019.

Admissions Policy | Grove College
This policy details admissions to Post-16 education at Grove College. 

Attendance Policy

British Values Policy

Behaviour, Student Support, Restorative Practice and Anti-Bullying Policy
This policy outlines the rewards and sanctions in place and incorporates the
behaviour and anti-bullying policy.

Careers, Education, Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Policy

Charging and Remission Policy
This policy is currently under review.

Child Protection Policy
This policy outlines how the school aims to safeguard children

Complaints Procedure
The procedure if there are any complaints.

Curriculum Policy
This policy outlines how the school aims to offer a curriculum to
meet the needs of all the students.

Esafety Policy 
This policy details how the school undertakes its responsibility
towards the safe use of technology.

Looked After Children Policy 
This policy details how the school undertakes its responsibility
towards  children in care.

 Relationship and Sex Education policy

Special Education Needs Policy  
This policy describes how the school aims to identify and
provide for students with Special Educational Needs.


Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy

​Uniform Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy 
Headteacher's Welcome
Grove School Admissions Policy 18/19
OSTED report
Grove School Admissions Policy 20/21
Exam Results
School Prospectus
Grove College Admissions Policy
Rewards | High Expectations
Ethos and Values
Attendance Policy
Market Drayton Learning Partnership
Policy Information
British Values Policy
Pupil Premium
Staff List
Behaviour for Learning Policy
Contact Us
Behaviour, Student Support, Restorative Practice and Anti-Bullying  Policy
School Catering
School Uniform
CEIAG Policy
Charging and Remission Policy
Child Protection Policy
Complaints policy
Curriculum Policy
Esafety Policy
Looked after children policy
Sex and Relationship policy
Realtionship and Sex Education
Shropshire Conversion Plan and Process
SEND Policy
SEND Report/ Grove Information Report
The Grove School SEND Local Offer
Single Equalities Scheme / Access Plan
Teaching, Learning & Assessment Policy
Uniform Policy
Whistle blowing Policy