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Ofsted Report December 2017
The latest Ofsted report on The Grove School, following an inspection last December, is that the school requires improvement.

Headteacher Sonia Taylor said that while the school was disappointed that the significant progress in outcomes for pupils in 2016 was not sustained in 2017, the many changes that she had made since coming to the school will increasingly impact on results.

“The Ofsted report rightly shows confidence in our school’s capacity to secure and maintain the improvements necessary,” Sonia Taylor said.
According to the report, too many pupils are not making enough progress. Teaching is not consistently good and there have been challenges in recruiting good teachers. The culture of high expectations and the new roles of faculty directors are not yet having sufficient impact.

The report also identifies many strengths of the school. It praises the headteacher, Sonia Taylor, confirming that “She is determined to improve the quality of education and has a clear focus on high expectations of pupils and staff”, and that she “implements necessary changes to develop the quality of teaching and learning”.  The report also comments on the “committed and skilled” governors who provide effective challenge. 

There is praise for the sixth form which inspectors say is good. The report notes that: “16-19 study programmes are good because learners continue to make good progress and enjoy their education. The sixth form is well led and the quality of teaching is good. The sustained excellent attainment in the applied general GCE was acknowledged by an award letter from the Department for Education.”

The inspectors note that pupils who have special educational needs or disabilities are “supported by experienced and knowledgeable staff” and that leaders have “well-thought-through strategies to support disadvantaged pupils”. 

The report also states that: “Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is well catered for”, that pupils are “confident and polite” and that they “are taught how to keep safe in a range of situations.”

Leaders are taking strong actions to ensure that outcomes for all groups of pupils improve rapidly.   In the report it states that “current information on pupils’ progress shows that, overall, pupils at key stage 3 and key stage 4 are making progress which is in line with what can be reasonably expected”.  It acknowledges there has been “a trend of diminishing differences between disadvantaged and other pupils” and that “the tracking of the impact of interventions is effective.”
Inspectors confirmed that “Due to high staff turnover since the previous inspection and challenges recruiting good teachers, improvements in the school have slowed.” However, the report also acknowledges that the school has taken decisive action to address this, and that a decline in results is also “being addressed swiftly.”

Peter Ingham, Chair of Governors said:

"Whilst we are disappointed with the overall judgement, The Grove has worked hard to make progress which we are pleased Ofsted did recognise.  I am confident that the school will continue to improve and that the headteacher’s vision is underpinned by relentlessly high expectations and determination.”  

Karen Bradshaw, Director of Children’s Services with Shropshire Council, said:

“The report identifies the priorities for improvement and the strengths of provision at The Grove School. The headteacher, staff and governors, have already begun work to address these priorities and the local authority will support the school to ensure that pupils receive consistently good opportunities to learn and fulfil their potential.”

Ofsted report October 2015 
'Grove School is a school where, ‘Students’ attitudes to learning are overwhelmingly positive’ and they approach their work with ‘commitment and enthusiasm’.  These were some of the hugely positive comments that inspectors have made in their report following the School’s latest Ofsted Inspection.  
The Inspection Report, which overall judged the school to “Require Improvement”, judged ‘Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare’ as ‘Good’, the ‘Effectiveness of Leadership and Management’ as ‘Good’ and 16 – 19 Study Programmes as Good.  They said that courses are well designed to help students achieve their aims with consistently good teaching.  

Grove is proud that its sixth form has been acknowledged as good and that in the sixth form  ‘students’ attitudes to learning are characterised by a high level of aspiration and a good understanding of how their courses will enable them to fulfil their ambitions’.  

There was also positive recognition of the School’s other successes with the report stating that, ‘Relationships between teachers and students are clearly strong, and promote learning’ and also recognising that the school is improving rapidly, ‘Teaching is improving and achievement is rising in the school overall, and sharply in several areas.’  

The inspectors recognise the journey that Grove is on and comment that there are ‘high expectations which have refocused and energised the vast majority of staff and students.’   This is underpinned by good leadership where ‘Governors are making sure that the school serves this particular community effectively.  They are well informed, shrewd and provide a rigorous challenge to school leaders’.  
The report outlines what the School needs to do to improve further and also that, ‘Evaluation of the School’s performance is detailed and objective, and clearly identifies areas for improvement’ so Grove School is confident that the work being done now will achieve improvement that is sustained and underpinning of excellence.   Headteacher Sonia Taylor said, “We are aiming to be an outstanding school in our next inspection which will be in two years’ time and we are excited about building on the momentum of rapid improvement that is currently evident”.
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