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Grove Students Thrive on their Success

The Grove School is proud of its students’ successes in their GCSE results this year. Parents will be aware from the national press of the challenges that this year’s GCSE students have faced with new examinations; a new grading system; less coursework and more challenging content. We have seen excellent performances despite this shifting landscape.

There was a pleasing number of grade 9s, the grade for exceptional performance. The following students performed exceptionally well and included in their grades: Rob Mason - 5 grade 9s, 2A*s and 4 grade 8s; Lucy Derricutt - 4 grade 9s, 1 A* and 3 grade 8s; Lucy Blase - 5 grade 9s and 1 A*; Megan Matthews – 2 grade 9s and 3 grade 8s; Georgia Birch – 1 grade 9 and 4 grade 8s; Neringa Daujoaite – 1 grade 9. 3 grade 8s and 2 As; Edward Winfield - 1 grade 9, 1 A*, 1 A and 1 grade 8.

For a second consecutive year, we have a student, Rob Mason, who achieved an A* Distinction in his Further Maths examination: the highest possible award for this subject. Headteacher Sonia Taylor said, “Congratulations to Year 11! At a time of curriculum change and an increased level of challenge, staff and students have worked relentlessly and should be very proud of their achievements.

I would like to thank parents and carers for their support and look forward to seeing many of our Year 11 students in September when they begin the next steps of their journey at our highly successful Grove College.” Grove College has once again achieved fabulous results this year with excellent progress for all students and all students accepted onto courses at their chosen universities. The College is now open for applications and ready to welcome students on to its wide range of courses.
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Star Performances for Students at Grove College

Grove College is celebrating fabulous A Level results this summer. Students have made superb progress across a range of subjects including English, Mathematics, Geography, Economics, Business, the sciences and Art and Design.

Top attaining students were: Eleanor Walkerdine who will be studying Geography at the University of Lancaster; Fred Bosley, starting a medical degree at the University of Bristol; Joshua Baker, studying English at the University of Chester and Jack Green, studying Geography at the University of Liverpool.

Headteacher, Mrs Taylor said, “We are delighted by the results. The hard work and dedication of these students is reflected by their impressive outcomes. Students that applied to university have been successful in securing courses at the University of their choice while other students have been successful in gaining apprenticeship placements and employment. We would like to congratulate all of our students and wish them well for their future.’

Fred Bosley is congratulated on results which have gained him a place at Bristol University to study Medicine.  
Ellie Walkerdine achieved exceptional results with 2 A* and 2 A grades. 
Oliver Williamson is off to Liverpool University to study a Masters degree in Physics, while Saffron Corbyn will be studying Biology with integrated masters at Cardiff University.  
All sy-STEM's go for extra curricular club - July 2018
Technically minded students from Grove have immersed themselves into the high tech world of Engineering and programming after the launch of an extra-curricular STEM club. 

The Imagineering club was set up by Deputy Director of Science, Ms Gilchrist, Engineering Teacher, Mr Jones and Science Technician, Mr Cartlidge at the start of the summer term and had attracted a core group of students who had attended the afterschool club for 2 hours each week after school.   Incredibly during this time, the students have managed to build their own 3D printer and also start work on a six foot robot which will be completely produced by their 3D printer.  Students have so far managed to make an arm which is fully articulated and programmable and will be working on the head for the robot next.

Ms Gilchrist said, “I am incredibly proud of the students who have worked so hard and shown such resilience in this project.  It’s amazing what our young people can do if we have faith in them.  The students have really driven this project and I’m really excited to see what they are able to achieve next.”  Although the project has produced some incredible work, it’s not been without issue, students George and Finley said, “at the start we were trying to print some small articulated animals and they kept going wrong, but it’s a lot of trial and error.”  Mr Cartlidge added that “students are encouraged to try different approaches and the club have the ethos of, if you haven’t failed, you haven’t been innovative enough!”
Following an successful term the students showcased their work at a launch event to staff and governors.  The work will continue over the summer where Grove’s STEM ambassadors will host a Science Fair at Fordhall Farm on Sunday 26 August from 10am-4pm.   

Photos:  Students present their 3D printer and robotic arm to staff and governors at a launch event.     
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Year 9 Arboretum visit - May 2018

As part of our Discovery Day in May Year 9 students took part in a visit to the National Arboretum.  During their time they were able to explore the site and reflect on the many lives and organisations which are represented here.  

As part of the visit students attached to the armed forces who were able to wear their uniform for the day laid a wreath and letters to fallen soldiers written by students were read out.  

The annual visits are wonderfully supported by our students who conduct themselves with pride and empathy. 

Battlefields Trip February 2018

On Sunday 04 February, History teacher Mr Hughes-Beddows took two students from The Grove School, along with 13 other schools from all over the country, to Northern France and Belgium to visit the battlefields and cemeteries of WW1. This is part the government scheme run by the charity Equity and the University College London Institute of Education to allow two students from every secondary school and college in England to visit the sites of WW1 as part of the centenary celebrations.  Mr Hughes-Beddows took two students last year, and as part of 100 years since the end of WW1 in 1918, schools which had been given the opportunity before were given a second opportunity to visit.

The trip visited many sites linking to WW1 and each day had a specific question the students had to keep in mind and answer at the end of the day. Day 1 asked the question ‘How did war affect ordinary people?’ The group visited Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery where a military hospital was based during WW1, Passchendaele Museum and had the opportunity to take part in the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate in Ypres, (which is performed every night at 8pm).

Day two focused on one battle of WW1 and asked the question ‘Was the Battle of the Somme a disaster?’ Sites such as Newfoundland Park and Sunken Lane focussed on the tragic first day of the battle on 01 July 1916 where the British lost a staggering 20,000 men in a few short hours, and then going on to Caterpillar Valley to discuss how by the end of November 1916 the British had developed tactics in order to win the Battle of the Somme.

The third and last day focused on remembrance, asking the question ‘Is it important to remember WW1?’  The group visited the German cemetery at Langemark and the British cemetery at Tyne Cot in order to compare how the war dead are remembered on each side.

During the trip, Mr Hughes-Beddows and the two students were able to lay a wreath at the Menin Gate during the Last Post ceremony. This wreath had a special connection to Mr Hughes-Beddows as the week before the trip he was Assistant Director for and had a small part in a new musical called Poppyfields, which was performed at Theatre Severn and was about WW1 and the lives of the people involved in the conflict and how they were affected. This wreath was used on stage during that production and was laid on behalf of both The Grove School and also the cast of Poppyfields in order to commemorate those who gave their lives during the war. One of the students from The Grove was also picked to lay a wreath on behalf of the whole coach trip at Tyne Cot cemetery as a tribute from the IOE, Equity and the schools involved with the tour.

The group were also given the opportunity to take part in the ‘Coming World Remember Me’ project which is similar to the clay Poppyfields’ installation at the Tower of London a few years ago, where students and teachers were asked to create a little clay model of a soldier which will be placed alongside 600,000 others in March this year in Belgium to represent the number of soldiers who died on Belgian soil during WW1.
The trip was hugely rewarding.  Everyone felt privileged to be part of this incredible moment in our history.  The two students from The Grove now have the task of creating a project as part of the Legacy 110 Programme in order to reach out to the local community to spread the word about their experience and to keep the memory of the soldiers who fought in WW1 alive. The students have some very big and ambitious plans to try and get the local community involved in some community commemorative events over the next few months so watch this space!

Mental Health Awareness Week

Tea and Talk – Well-Being in Focus

To coincide with #MHAW, The Grove is running a series of events designed to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and emotional well-being.  To launch this, last week, The School was proud to welcome its very own Ninja!  Back in May, several intrepid members of staff took part in Born Survivor – the ultimate military obstacle course, with the aim of raising funds for an inspirational speaker to talk to the students about mental and emotional well-being. 

The success of this event meant that Nina, Ninja, Jackson was able to join them on Monday 09 October to deliver a series of inspirational talks to all year groups from 7-13.  An international emotional health and well-being ambassador, Nina is in huge demand and staff and students alike were awe-struck by her moving story and touched by the resilience she showed.  The range of strategies she was able to share relating to mental and emotional well-being are things that the whole community will benefit from. 

Other activities that are taking place include a comprehensive tutor programme where students focus on “My Health, My Mind, My Life”; check-ins where students are able to voice their feelings; and the ever-popular Tea and Talk in the newly refurbished Student Support Zone where, at break-time, staff and students can have a good old natter in an informal environment with a cuppa and a biscuit.  Students are very positive about the way they are being valued holistically and Nina commented on their “attentiveness and commitment to each other and overall well-being”. 

Headteacher Sonia Taylor commented, “Mental well-being is rightly gaining a larger focus, with publicity generated by notable public figures such as Prince Harry and events such as World Mental Health Day, however as Nina pointed out, every day is important in terms of our well-being and her message ‘Let’s decide to be the best that we can be - for the children we teach are our future’ is very  poignant for me and something we commit to strongly at The Grove”. 
Ambassadors for Science!  |  October 2017

Last week saw the first meeting between Ms Gilchrist and The Grove's first Science Ambassadors. Applicants had to put their names forwards to the Faculty, where their suitability for the role was then discussed at the next meeting. Our successful applicants are: Jack, Max, Jess, Jess, Tom, Natasha, Niamh, Katie, Abbie, Ellen, Mia, Kaitlyn, and Eleanor. 

Our main role will be to mentor others in the school who need booster or extension sessions for Science, and for those who would like some help with their homework.  We can easily be identified by the subject badges we wear on our lapels:

We want our school to be a Centre of Excellence for STEM, so we are starting with finding out possible dates for online lectures from the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Biology. We would like for all of our community to come along to see the wonderful developments currently being undertaken in the world of Science from the comfort of an armchair. We are also on the lookout for fun practicals to try for our new Year 7 Science club (starting date to be confirmed).

The Chemistry group will be meeting in the next 2 weeks to discuss activities for National Chemistry week in November, so we can bring our love of Chemistry to the whole school. 

If you have any suggestions for Science activities or events you would like to see at Grove, please let Ms Gilchrist know by emailing her: [email protected]

Leading the way with Business Links

The Grove School is leading the way once again for education and business partnerships and has been presented with an award for outstanding Work Experience provision for their students.  The Work Experience Programme provided for students from Key Stages 4 and 5, was praised by staff from Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin Education Business Links after a recent review of the working practice of their programme. The prestigious Award for Excellence in Work Experience was presented to staff at the school for the third successive year.   The Grove remain the only school in the county to have received it. 
Karen Jones, CEIAG co-ordinator at The Grove said, “Our Work Experience programme involves students being encouraged to find work placements in the local community and further afield.  Students and tutors liaise with employers prior to the placement which gives the students the confidence needed to enter the workplace.  We are immensely proud of the students and would like to thank the local and national businesses who continually support our programme and ultimately our students.”
Elaine Miller from Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin Education Business Links, was quick to praise the school’s good practice, “We were unanimous in our decision to award The Grove School with the award.  The programme demonstrated outstanding good practice.  We were particularly impressed with the robust organisation and embedding of Work Experience into the curriculum.  It is clear that Work Experience and IAG continue to evolve at the school and that the staff team are highly committed and have an excellent working relationship.”
Headteacher Sonia Taylor said, “The Work Experience Programme is a vital part of our curriculum and gives the students the opportunity to have a taster of the world of work.  They return to school and to Grove College re-energised by their experience, having grown visibly in confidence and having learned invaluable skills.”

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