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On 1st December Grove School joined with Market Drayton Infants and Market Drayton Junior Schools to adopt a charitable Trust named Market Drayton Learning Partnership.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to work as a community to support our children and young people aged 0-19 in their enjoyment of learning, raising their aspirations and ambition and their achievements as learners now and for the future. We will provide an inclusive, safe and caring environment for all.
In summary:
Aspirations, ambition, achievements – raising aspirations and ambition and their achievements as learners now and for the future.
Community – work as a community to support our children and young people 0-19 in their enjoyment of learning.
Environment – we will provide an inclusive environment for all.
To achieve this vision the Partnership will focus on the following aims:
Improve outcomes for all of our students in all of our schools
Enable our schools to grow, develop and improve together
Provide an inclusive, safe and caring learning environment with a particular focus on our most vulnerable children
Develop the skills and expertise of staff across all schools
Further share resources and skills between schools
Encourage our wider community to invest in our schools through inclusive democratic structures and specific projects that help raise aspirations and achievements in both schools and community.
Values and Principles

As a co-operative partnership we subscribe to the moral values and ethical values of the co-operative movement:
a) Values
  • Self-help: working together for mutual benefit.
  • Self – responsibility: Individuals act responsibly and play a full part.
  • Democracy: members have controls over the organisation for the good of the community.
  • Equality: Members will be treated justly and fairly.
  • Solidarity: Members will support each other and other co-operatives.
b) Ethical values
  • Honesty in dealing with members, students, staff and community.
  • Openness in the way we treat others and work with our community.
  • Social responsibility for our members, students, staff, our community and the way we view the world. 
  • Caring for others in the way we treat them through our actions, intentions and plans. 
Objectives to achieve our vision​ 
To develop a membership strategy to engage members of the Trust.
To ensure high aspirations and ambitions are realised, celebrated, and catalysed where necessary, amongst students and the wider community. 
To engage and empower parents in raising attainment and aspirations for their children and the wider community.
To develop students’ independence in learning, promoting self-responsibility and self-help, in order to improve attainment and progress, behaviour, aspirations and ambition.

To develop opportunities for staff and students to work together across schools and cross phases, including meeting the National and Local Curriculum requirements and the needs of vulnerable pupils, in order to raise aspirations, self-respect and attainment.
To develop the Trust identity and communication to raise our profile in the local community and wider school network.
To develop a sustainable funding strategy. ​
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