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2017 A Level success for Grove College!​​

The number of students attaining the top grades of A* - B at Grove College has increased once again this year.  Following on from last year’s impressive performance, we are excited to be reporting outstanding results.  41% of all our grades were A* - B with more A* grades than ever before.  56% of our A level students achieved 1A* - B grade.  Individual students whose performance stands out are Rowan Cookson, who has secured her place at Cambridge University, with 2A* grades and an A grade; Zoe Watson who also achieved 2 A* grades and an A grade; Beth O’Brien who achieved 1 A* grade and 2 A grades and Max Du Bois Jones who achieved 3 A grades. 
Our Cambridge Technical course has once again proved to be hugely successful with students’ average performance being above a Distinction grade.  Students with impressive results here include: Holly Jones, Ryan Robinson and Morgan Champ who achieved 2 D* grades and Imagin Dodd, Emmie Dobbs, Jess Edwards and Shannon Small who all achieved 1 D* and 1 D grade.  Overall, 19% of our students achieved Distinction* - the highest grade available. 
As an additional study programme we offer an Extended Project Qualification at Grove College which encourages our students to engage in a self-directed and self-motivated project to help them prepare for study beyond the College.  An impressive 70% of our students achieved A* - B in their EPQ. 
All students wishing to go to university have achieved places and will be studying a diverse range of subjects from Bio Chemistry and English to Fashion and Marketing and TV Production.  We also have a student who will be travelling around Australia for a year before taking up her university course.  Those who did not apply to university have secured employment or apprenticeships and one of our students is joining the RAF.
Headteacher Sonia Taylor commented, “These results are a credit to the hard work and commitment of our students here at The Grove and we are proud that their dedication has been rewarded.  It is also a tribute to the unrelenting encouragement of our talented staff and of course the support of our parents and carers.  Congratulations to all of our students and we wish them well as they embark on the next stage of their journey.”

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