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English Brief overview of curriculum content   

Key Stage 3In years 7,8 and 9 students complete a formal assessment each half term.  These alternate between reading and writing in focus. 
Year 7  - In Year 7 we cover a novel, an introduction to Shakespeare, written persuasive media and poetry. 
We also have the ‘Narrative Writing Competition’ where students are all entered into a competition to write the best short story. The prize is the much coveted ‘Narrative Writing award’. 

In Year 7 (and KS3 as a whole) we have a focus on Literacy and base skills.  Every student will be set spelling (or vocabulary) based homework each week. 

Year 8In Year 8 we aim to build on skills obtained in Year 7 by pushing students using more challenging texts and topics.  For instance, we include a pre-1914 text as well as studying a Shakespeare play and analysis and comparison of poetry.

Year 9 - We use Year 9 as a transition to GCSE.  Every level awarded is given the equivalent GCSE grade; this enables students to have clarity in terms of what a
GCSE grade actually means.  We will also be studying 1 of the GCSE texts. 

Key Stage 4 - GCSE course – The majority of students sit GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature.  
Exam board – Eduqas
Assessment overview
English Language
Unit 1 – exam (1.45hr) Reading and writing fiction.
Unit 2 – exam (2hr) Reading and writing non fiction

Unit 3 – Spoken language element
English Literature
Unit 1 – exam (2 hrs) Shakespeare and poetry anthology
Unit 2 – exam (2.30 hrs) Woman in Black, A Christmas Carol, Unseen Poetry
Both exams are sat in May/June of Year 11

Key Stage 5 - A level course overview
A’Level English Language (sat in Year 13, holistic and synopic)

Paper 1: Telling Stories
  • Place in Paris Anthology
  • Point of view in Prose (Handmaid's tale)
  • Poetic Voices (poetry anthology)
​3 Hours (40%)

Paper 2: Exploring Conflict
  • Writing about society (recreative writing based on the Kite Runner)
  • Dramatic Encounters (A Street Car Named Desire)
​2.5 Hours (40%)

NEA:  Making Connections
Investigation on Language use in Language and Literature.
2.5-3K words (20%)

Key Stage 5 - AS (Year 12) course overview

Paper 1: Views and Voices
  • Imagined Worlds (Handmaid's tale)
  • Poetic Voices (poetry anthology)
​1.5 Hours (50%)

Paper 2: Remembered Places
  • Paris Anthology
  • Recreative Writing
​1.5 Hours (50%)

Drama KS3 - Brief overview of curriculum content

At Key Stage 3 pupils are taught the ‘building blocks ‘ of Drama, enabling them to create, perform and evaluate Drama created by themselves and by their peers.  Pupils also develop the teamwork and cooperative skills need for small-group work.

Throughout the course many dramatic techniques are explored through a variety of ways;  

  • Playscripts
  • devised scripts
  • analysis of live performance
  • improvised work 

KS4 Drama - Brief overview of curriculum content 

The Department follows the Edexcel Drama specification in KS4.  The course is assessed through three mandatory components.

Component 1  |  Devising
Candiates are required to create and develop a devised piece of work from a stimulus.  This work will then be performed and evaluated with the evidence used to create a portfolio.

40% of qualification  |  60 marks

Component 2  |  Performance from text
Students will perform in two key extracts from a performance text chosen by the school.  This component will be assessed by a visiting examiner.

20% of grade  |  48 marks

Component 3  |  Theatre makers in practice
       Section A: Written response to ONE question from a playtextthat has been studied during KS4.
       Section B: Written response to TWO questions based on a live performance that the stduents wil have seen as part of the GCSE course.

40% written examination |  60 marks

Some of the texts explored include:

  • Missing Dan Nolan
  • Chicken!
  • Children Games
  • Lord of the Flies
  • Bugsy Malone.





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