The Grove School aims to provide a broad and flexible curriculum.  This allows all students to achieve through engaging in courses that they find interesting, stimulating and appropriate to their needs.  Students are placed in teaching groups according to their ability for the majority of subjects.  Groups are regularly reviewed, particularly in the first term and following progress reports, changes are made where necessary.
Students follow the same programmes across the year group so that changes between teaching groups can be made easily.  This arrangement gives students the opportunity to be supported in their education and make progress at the level that is most appropriate for them.
In Key stage 3 (Year 7 and 8), The Grove’s curriculum matches the requirements of the National Curriculum.  In Year 7 and 8 all students study English, Maths,   Science, Computing, History, Geography, Religious Education, Physical Education, Art, Music, Design Technology, a Modern Foreign Language and Drama.  PHSEE is covered through our new and exciting Discovery Days’ Programme where a collapsed curriculum allows the flexibility for a range of visits and outside speakers.  Students generally remain in the same tutor group and remain in ability sets for the
majority of subjects. 
During Year 8 students will go through the process of selecting GCSE options for Year 9.  The Key Stage 4 curriculum is 3 years offering more time for foundation and consolidation work.   

Subjects at Grove School are taught within Faculties to see details of the subject content, please click on the links below
Each Subject link has information about the teachers of each subject an overview of the courses currenty offered with appropriate links to exam specifications contact information other useful information such as extracurricular activities and trips run by the department.
Key Stage 3 is Year 7-8
Key Stage 4 is Years 9, 10 and 11
Key Stage 5 is Years 12 and 13 (courses offered through Grove College)

Information on our CEIAG programme and Work Experience

Further information on faculties can be found below:

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